Sunday, January 16, 2011

Why am I doing this?

About 2 weeks ago I received an email from a friend from church letting me know that there was going to be a webcast for Made to Crave. She wanted to see if anyone would be willing to go on this journey with her. To be honest I groaned inside. I had seen this book at the local Christian book store and on Amazon and made every possible effort to avoid it. I made every rationalization in my head as to why I didn't even need to bother reading the back cover of this book.

However, God had other plans. I tried to avoid my friend's email. I even deleted it so I wouldn't have to look at the subject line in my inbox. After a few days though, I found myself doing a search in my deleted folder searching for that email. And then I did the most horrible thing...I replied "I'm In!" I tried not to panic. After all, all I really did was commit to watch the webcast, right?

Well I watched that webcast, listened to Lysa TerKeurst speak, and heard God speaking loud and clear. After the webcast I excitedly emailed my friend. We emailed each other what had spoken to us during the webcast and I rushed out and bought the book. Now I find myself doing an online study of Made to Crave on Melissa Taylor's blog.

I did today's homework assignment, reading the introduction of Made to Crave and the Lord just confirmed everything all over again. I have the "how to" I just need the "want to." I need to stop making excuses for my weight, be HONEST with myself admit that my weight is a direct reflection of the choices I make.

I decided to keep a blog for this journey, maybe it will last only as long as the study or maybe it will go beyond that. This will be for the Lord to decide. What I type here though I will be posting to the Melissa Taylor's blog during the online study. I pray that everyone who is doing this Made to Crave (MTC from now on) study hears God speaking to them and finds God's strength and power to make the changes that are needed in their lives BUT most of all, learn to crave God most of all.

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