Monday, November 14, 2011

The Expanded Bible

I have to admit that I have mixed feeling about Bibles like the Expanded Bible and Amplified Bible. This is because we are warned of adding or taking away from scripture. This being said I do like set up of the Bible, subject headings in the margins with wide margins for writing notes. The study notes are embedded in the text. This can lead to some confusion or chopping reading. I recommend using this Bible alongside you regular study Bible. The study notes and translation used (it is clearly not NKJV, close but not quite) can give some good insights and clarification to confusing or hard to understand scriptures. Overall this is a nice Bible that I am pleased to add to my collection.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Year With Jesus

A Year with Jesus provides 365 daily readings using the words of Christ. The words of Jesus from a chosen scripture begin the page for each day and that is followed by the words of the author as he gives his insight and explanation for the scripture passage. This book is a wonderful tool to learn more about following Jesus; living as He taught and sharing His message. I very much enjoyed this book, and found it even more enjoyable because it didn't focus on random parts and pieces of the Bible, but specifically on what Jesus Himself had to say. A worthy read for any Christian!

Themes and issues that "A year with Jesus" emphasizes are:
1. How to Discover a lasting Joy
2. The need for Meekness and Humility
3. The importance of Love and Grace
4. The essential need for Truth
5. How to deal with Doubt
6. The Fruit of the Spirit including how to grow in Kindness and Patience
7. Understanding Grace and Merit
8. Living a life aimed at Honesty and Faithfulness and additional indispensable teachings