Monday, March 19, 2012

KJV Patriot Bible

This Bible is is made of good quality. Great stitching and pages of decent thickness, not those super-thin Bible pages. The King James Bible text itself contains both the old and new testaments in a verse by verse format (as opposed to paragraph) There are no cross-references or footnotes. The font is in the 10-11 pt. range and is well printed. Combined with opaque paper (almost like textbook paper) this bible is very easy on the eyes for extended reading.

In the back of the bible, there is a list of American presidents, a subject index, a decent sized concordance, and some full color bible maps. 

Throughout the Bible you will find quotes, articles and study helps all relating to how Christianity and our American history go hand in hand.

I recommend this Bible to anyone who has a love for our great nation and the Christian heritage it was founded on.

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