Thursday, August 8, 2013

The One Year Devo For Teen Girls

This devotional is set up like most devotionals, gives a scripture and then a devotional that applies to the scripture. The devotionals have to do with issues teen girls face. I like this devotional and the advice given is biblical and nothing that I as a parent would find offensive. However, both my teen girls tried this devotional and just "couldn't get into it." They didn't find it interesting or helpful, maybe we personally covered the topics very well at home that they didn't find anything new or helpful. I would recommend this devotional to anyone who has teen girls and looking for a way to bring up certain topics for discussion.

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  1. As the author, I would suggest you have the girls try the action steps for a full committed month. The devotions are set up in such a manner that they will not have much impact without action steps (which I notice were not mentioned in the above review.) The idea is that we are to be not only hearers of the word (typical devotional) but also doers. The action steps were developed to challenge the girls.., and COST them something! If girls apply action steps to devotions, the completion of each devotional could take a day or even a week to complete! We want to encourage full emersion rather than a five minute hit.